A Property Owner’s Most Viable Choice to Sell Real Estate – Auction


Investing in real estate is often considered a great method to maximize return on investment. While the initial cost of acquiring property is high, this form on investment can have higher than average payouts for the owner compared to say, business or stock. Also, the risk factor is usually low with real estate compared to business or stock, both of which are highly volatile. The only hurdle some real estate owners face is the issue of selling their realty at true market value within a reasonable amount of time.

Methods of selling real estate

Conventional methods of selling real estate involve listing the asset on the market, and carrying out some marketing efforts to spread the word about it. This method is often not proactive enough and if the asset fails to catch anyone’s attention in the first few months, the risk of the listing going stale increases exponentially. So, what alternative do realty owners have besides using the conventional method of selling realty?

A realty auction is a unique and highly Immobilien verkaufen effective way of selling realty because of its dynamic characteristics. Firstly, the auction process utilizes accelerated marketing, which means that your asset is advertised on all forms of media for 6 straight weeks. This creates a buzz in the market because firstly the word auction itself is a magnet that attracts investors and secondly, buyers conceive that they will have a profitable transaction through an auction.

An auction can also in most cases close within 45-60 days, so there is no need to wait for months or even years to sell real estate successfully. Since a realty auction brings only qualified buyers to the table, they have the required funds available to close the sale within a short time frame. Whereas with selling real estate conventionally, buyers may commit to a property, but there is usually no screening process to qualify them as buyers. So the deal can end up being unsuccessful because of lack of funds.

Mostly importantly, selling your property via realty is an affordable endeavor. While reputable companies do charge a certain percentage (usually 1%) of the total asset value, this amount is used for marketing purposes only and pays off in the long run. At the end of the day, a property owner wants to sell their property in a timely manner and more importantly, receive true market value for their asset. So paying 1% of the asset value for marketing purposes is a wiser decision than paying a much higher percentage in holding costs, such as maintenance, taxes etc.

So for those who are looking to sell their property Immobilien verkaufen at an opportunistic price, and within a reasonable time frame, auction is their solution to selling real estate.