Becoming A Professional Photographer – The Harsh Reality Of Being In Business


Everyone’s A Professional Photographer

Judging by the number of new professional photographers popping up in towns and cities everywhere, there’s little doubt that everyone wants to get in on the action to earn money from their camera!

Unfortunately, most of the amateur photographers entranced by the notion of becoming professionals don’t fully appreciate the harsh realities that go with the territory of running a photography business.

Ironically, it’s not the Fotograf Regensburg itself that provides the challenges, but the business and marketing aspects of the enterprise, which most amateurs are blissfully unaware of before they start out.

Saving A Failing Business Is No Fun!

No one but the photographer, for example, notices the long hours spent studying, learning, and worrying over the quality of the photography. Nobody outside the business realizes that more than 80% of the photographer’s time is devoted to marketing, and operating the photography studio, or attempting to make sales.

Only another professional photographer who understands how tough the business can be can truly empathize with the stress experienced every day by countless individuals who are all struggling to make a living doing something they love.

Sadly, too many highly gifted photographers have been forced to quit or have lost their businesses, homes, and even their marriages trying in vain to save a failing photography business.

All of this anguish and turmoil in the photography industry is unnecessary and it could be avoided simply by having a healthy awareness of what it really takes to run a small business. The truth is, there’s a great deal more to it than simply being good with a camera.

As anyone that’s been in the photography business for any length of time can attest to, success as a professional photographer has nothing to do with cameras, lenses, or fancy equipment, how pretty a website looks, or even what friends and family happen to think about it.

On the contrary, being a successful professional photographer is all about accepting the full responsibility of being a business owner and understanding the need to be a marketer before being a photographer – all without compromising the integrity of the photographer as a visionary artist.

Keys To Success

This is no easy task, and it’s no wonder so many fail, but the only sure way to be a photographer tomorrow is to be a better businessperson today. The key business aspects any prospective professional photographer should focus on include:

  • Understanding the need to be a marketer and seller of photography.
  • Identifying the factors that make the photographer unique in the community.
  • Taking time to develop a Fotograf Regensburg workable business plan.
  • Understanding the importance of search engine optimization for the website.
  • Being attuned to the motivations and needs of prospects, and designing the website accordingly.
  • Developing a profitable pricing strategy, and not showing those prices online.
  • Being presentable, personable and professional in all client interactions.
  • Having a positive business attitude.
  • Understanding how to conduct effective client sales presentations.
  • Cultivating and maintaining long-lasting and meaningful client relationships.

Finally, the most important thing for any professional photographer to remember is to remain constantly vigilant about every aspect of the business, and to provide the best possible positive experience for each and every client.