Can I Change the Name on Spirit Airlines Ticket


Do you have any ideas on how to change the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket? Get all the details right here.

Spirit Airlines is a significant low-cost airline that provides fair prices and offers to travellers. Flight reservations are simple to make using the airlines’ internet systems. At the same time, if you choose, you can make adjustments to your flight reservation at any time. Be it your name, date, destination, or anything else relevant to your flight reservation.

So, how do you alter the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket? To clarify, the name category on Spirit Airlines is classified in several ways. So, it all relies on the type of name you want to change. To learn more about it, read the entire advice below, which will assist you in this regard.

How Can I Change My Name on a Spirit Airlines Ticket?

  • Go to the Spirit Airlines official website or phone Spirit ticket name changing number to create an account.
  • You may access your account’s “manage bookings” section after logging in.
  • Then, at the bottom of that specific flight, you can select “Edit” to make changes to your flight reservation.
  • You can now change your name on your flight ticket.

Various restrictions apply to the name change.

  • If any of the names on your reservation are misspelt.
  • Name changes might also affect your date of birth, contact information, address details, and other personal information.
  • In the event that the name change must be done legal paperwork will be required.

Spirit Airlines’ Policy on Name Changes

You can alter your name in a variety of scenarios. You can get all of the necessary information about your name change by reviewing the Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy. Certain terms and conditions are also required to understand what the policy entails.

  • Minor modifications, such as a misspelled name on your flight booking, are permitted without charge by airlines. You can contact Spirit Airlines’ reservation service to get your misspelled name corrected.
  • If there is a legal need for a name change, you will need certain documents to complete the adjustments. Within 7 days of the flight’s departure, the Spirit Airlines customer service department will authorise and assist you in making modifications.
  • If any modifications, such as the passenger’s information, are required, call the Spirit Airlines manage booking department or send an email to make the necessary changes.

What is the cost of changing the name on a Spirit airline ticket?

Do you want to know how much it costs to alter the name on a Spirit airline ticket? If so, the information provided below will assist you. Spirit Airlines may you to pay costs depending on the type and extent of the change you made.

  • If the traveller changes their name with the airline within 24 hours or 7 days before the plane departure, no change fee is necessary.
  • If the modification is made after 24 hours and at least 7 days before departure, you may be charged between $90 and $110.
  • If you find yourself in an unusual position, you can request a refund from Spirt Airlines if your travel ticket is refundable.

So, that’s how you can update the name on Spirit Airlines flight tickets. If you have any problems with your anime change, call Spirit Airlines’ customer service for immediate help. Your request can also be submitted through the Airlines’ customer support email to remedy certain changes.