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“Don’t just teach your children how to read. Teach them how to question what they read.” Teach them to question everything said by George Carlin.

How Education Impacts Positively 

Education Impacts the society positively in many ways. Education teaches us how to read and write, Education teaches us how to be a  literate, Education teaches us to become a responsible person in the future, Education teaches the dos and don’ts of a society. In fact, Education has impacted the whole world peacefully.

Education Has Caused More Good Than Harm 

Yes, Education has totally cause more good than harm. Without Education, there won’t be advancement of technology. This means that Education brings the Advancement of technology thereby making life more easier.

If we examine our society today, most of the machines and tools and many other things we are using today is due to the Advancement of technology which is totally being  brought by Education. 

For this reason, you can definitely differentiate an Educated individual from an uneducated individual because there is always a huge difference.

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Education Helps You Escape Poverty 

According to experts, It indicates that Education not only helps people to escape poverty by impacting knowledge and developing the skills that people need to improve their livelihoods, but also helps to generate gains that fuel and enhance economic growth.

Education also helps an individual to nurture and realize their potentials thereby leading to innovation, creativity or gainful employment thereby leading to sicio economic stability.

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