Perfume Boxes and Consumer Perception: An Empirical Study of Luxury Packaging Design


Perfumes are a way of life that mesmerize users with their fragrances. They make a person feel special. Such delicate products need proper protection as the glass bottles can get broken if not protected against bumps. That is why brands use high-quality perfume boxes to deliver perfumes safely. Not just protection, these boxes present a class about a brand and create a favorable image in the minds of potential customers.

Luxury Perfume Boxes and Consumer Perception 

Everybody loves to receive something extra, whether it is in terms of performance, benefits, or packaging details. Especially for perfume lovers, packaging matters a lot. They like to collect bottles of such brands that come in attractive perfume boxes. If we observe the market conditions, we can see that all the top brands that have a huge customer base have extravaganza in their packaging.

They make use of high-quality materials, designs, and other features that impress the viewers. The money that they have to invest in additional features of their packaging return in the form of high sales volume and profit. Here are some of the packaging ways through which businesses make a luxury appeal of their perfumes.

  • High-Quality Material Selection

Material selection is the first thing that a business considers for its luxury appeal. High-quality materials are a must for creating such images. You can make use of corrugated cardboard, Rigid or Kraft, etc., for having highly protective and secure perfume packaging. Without security, a highly professional-looking box will put a bad impression. So, brands never compromise on this aspect to win the hearts of the customers by providing their perfumes in the perfect form.

  • Convenient Box Styles

Box style will predict the unboxing experience of the customers. Convenient styles that open up smoothly and in an interesting way will make a great impression. That is why brands use boxes with magnetic lids to keep perfumes. Other effective styles for luxury appeal are rigid drawer boxes or boxes with lift-off lids etc. All these printed perfume boxes are easy to open and close, so customers can take out perfumes easily in no time.

  • Attractive Embellishments

Add simple decorative things to perfume boxes wholesale costs a little bit and greatly boosts the overall look. That is why brands use embellishments like ribbons, laces, and stickers to decorate their packaging. They usually put such things on the top lid of their boxes to make them prominent. Customers also feel special when they receive perfume in such packaging.

  • Hiding Perfume under Layers

One way to make your perfumes look more expensive is to put extra layers of wrappings inside the perfume box. It could be tissue paper or a sheet of wrapping paper with a pretty pattern. On these extra layers, which are used to hide the perfume, brands put their names. Hiding the product makes buyers curious, and they can’t wait to see what it is once they’ve bought it. The step-by-step opening process of printed perfume boxes makes the whole experience memorable and gives buyers something new to remember. So, this simple method takes a plain box and turns it into something amazing

  • Minimalist Approach towards Perfume Boxes

Top custom boxes Brands that want to make a strong impact on their perfumes can take help from a minimalist approach. In this concept, the more you choose a few things, the more benefits you will get. Instead of having too much-complicated design patterns on your packaging, a single logo in the center of the box with one or two base colors is enough to make an impression. You can also see that top brands have simple designs, and they make use of one-color bases for the promotion of their products. Such simplicity of perfume packaging has a positive effect on the minds of the viewers also.

  • Adding Personalized Notes

Putting simple, personalized notes in your packaging is another simple thing that makes a big difference. When people get notes like this, they know you care about them. So, brands use this strategy and use different quotes in order to connect with their customers. Also, many brands include thank-you notes to show how grateful they are that a customer chose their brand over others.


Creating premium images of your perfumes is no more an issue. With the right tools and techniques, you can grab the attention of the viewers and motivate them to buy the brand. There is no hard and fast rule for achieving this objective. All the above-mentioned ways are some of the frequently used tactics by the top brands for having luxury displays of their perfume boxes. Any business can follow them to make a long-lasting impression on the viewers.