RailMitra Train Seat Availability for a comfortable journey

train seat availability

Travelling by train in India can be an exciting experience thanks to the beautiful and different routes. But, one problem among passengers is train seat availability, especially during a peak season or on popular routes. RailMitra, a leading platform in railway, offers a convenient solution to this problem, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey for all passengers.

Understanding RailMitra

RailMitra is an all in one platform that provides different train services to train passengers, from IRCTC food order  to checking train seat availability. With its easy app and correct data, RailMitra has become a popular choice for millions of train travellers across the country.

Check online train seat availability

Passengers can check train seat availability through RailMitra app or website. With RailMitra, you don’t have to worry about waiting in a long line to check train seat availability. Just Search online on RailMitra for train seat availability in your desired train and class for your chosen travel dates. With the RailMitra app, you can check train seat availability anytime, anywhere from your smartphone. You can find out about the possibility of checking your train seat from the comfort of your home within minutes in a few clicks.

The importance of train seat availability

Securing a seat on the train is key to a comfortable journey, whether it’s a short route or long journey. Knowing seat availability in advance allows passengers to plan their trip efficiently and avoid last minute disappointments.

How to check train seat availability using RailMitra

How to check seat availability

Follow these steps to check train seat availability on RailMitra.

  • Visit the RailMitra website or download the RailMitra app
  • Go to “Seat Availability”.
  • Enter the required information like: 

Train Number: Enter the name of the train or the train number and select a specific train from the menu suggestions from RailMitra.

Departure Station: Enter the name or station code of your departure station and select the correct item.

To Station: Enter your destination station name or station code and select suggestions from the drop-down menu.

Train  Date: Select your travel date from the calendar.

Class of Travel: Select your desired class of travel from the drop-down options: 1A, 2A, 3A, CC, 2S, SL, or FC.

  • Press the ‘Get Seat Availability’ button.

Benefits of using RailMitra for seat accessibility

RailMitra offers passengers several benefits including:

Real Time Updates: Get instant updates on train seat availability to ensure timely bookings.

Update from anywhere: you can check seat availability from RailMitra from anywhere with your comfort

24/7 Customer Support: Access 24/7 support for any questions or concerns.

Accurate Information: RailMitra provide accurate information on train seat availability so passengers won’t have to face any difficulty

IRCTC Food Order with RailMitra

Apart from train seat availability, RailMitra also offers integration with IRCTC food order services. Passengers can enjoy delicious food delivered directly to their seats, with IRCTC food order. Now swiggy food delivery in train has been started but passengers is opting for  RailMitra food delivery on the train as RailMitra is an existing food delivery platform in train 

Improving the rail travel experience of passengers.

RailMitra aims to improve passengers’ overall railway travel experience by train seat availability checks with IRCTC food order services. Whether you are travelling alone or with family, RailMitra ensures comfort and convenience every step of the way.

With RailMitra, checking train seat availability and order food on train has never been easier. Say goodbye to long lines and last-minute tension, plan your journey with RailMitra, and enjoy a stress-free travel experience from start to finish.

Related FAQs

Q: Why is it better to check train seat availability online than offline?

Ans: You can save yourself from the problem of waiting in long queues

No need to go to the station to check train seat availability

You can check the train seats availability from your phone.

You can check train seat availability from the comfort of your home

Choose the best available seat, class, and train 

Q: Is RailMitra giving updates on all railway lines in India?

Ans: Yes, RailMitra covers a wide range of railway routes across the country and makes it accessible to passengers from different regions.

Q: Can I order food through RailMitra?

Ans: Yes, you can order food on the train from RailMitra with different food options.

Q: Does using RailMitra services cost extra?

Ans: RailMitra does not charge a single rupee; all the tools in RailMitra are free of cost and provide accurate details to the passengers.

Q: Is it possible to check availability of seats in multiple trains at the same time in RailMitra?

Ans: Yes, RailMitra allows you to check seat availability in different trains and classes at the same time, making it easier to compare and decide.