Some Myths surrounding Japanese Sex Dolls


Before you search online for “premium Japanese sex dolls near me”, read on some myths surrounding them.


Are you fascinated with the idea of buying adult Sexpuppe? If yes, you will get plethora of options to choose from. Sex doll industries are major and they can only keep going better. You have the flexibility to customize an adult doll as per your wild desires in terms of height, body size, eye, hair color, skin color, size of boobs, ass and penis etc.


Believe it or not, now sex dolls can be found according to the given nationality. Among Chinese, Asian or Japanese dolls, Japanese dolls have become quite popular in terms of nationality. Before you order the one for you, you must realize some myths that surrounds these dolls and may discourage you.


Japanese dolls are only female is a myth

As we all know, Japanese women are beautiful as well as attractive so sex dolls from the same nationality are also flawless and striking. The category of Japanese sex dolls involves much more than female dolls. Like every other sex dolls, the market offers the dolls of all genders like female, male and transsexual dolls. They also have other types of dolls that are alien.


Dolls are small and childlike is a myth

The concerned myth relates to the fact that the Japanese are quite short and small people. In case of sex doll, most of them are manufactured with the standard size for both men as well as women unless a special order for an extreme in the size of height is made. And there lies the importance of customization principles which will help buyers get the desired sex doll in terms of perfect body size and height.


Male Japanese sex dolls have small penis

It’s not entirely true that adult dolls are based upon the physical set up of a person where customization features are there to guide the production. People believe that Japanese do have moderately small penis as compared to others but it’s not same for all. Don’t get carried away with the myth and simply instruct your manufacturer on the size of penis you want along with other aspects.


Japanese life-like dolls are only for virgins and people with minimal sexual experience

Let’s get familiar to the fact that Japanese adult dolls seems to be appealing for one and all. They are even good for people who are new to Sex Doll. It’s just like the regular sex dolls that can be used by anyone.