Video Intercom Systems and Property Value: Does Modern Security Tech Increase Home Prices?


In today’s real estate market, homeowners and prospective buyers are increasingly interested in how the features of a home can affect its value. Among these features, security systems, especially video intercom systems, are gaining attention for their potential to enhance both the security and the market value of a property. This blog explores whether installing a video intercom system can indeed be a worthwhile investment in boosting your home’s price tag.

Understanding Video Intercom Systems

A video intercom system is a type of security technology that allows communication between the inside of a home and the outside through audio and video. These systems typically consist of at least two main components: a camera-equipped outdoor unit placed at the entrance of a home and an indoor monitor that allows homeowners to see who is at the door before letting them in. Modern systems integrate with smartphones and other smart home devices, allowing remote monitoring and communication.

Enhancing Home Security

The primary advantage of video intercom systems is the enhanced security they provide. Homeowners can verify the identity of visitors without needing to physically open the door, which is particularly beneficial in neighborhoods with higher crime rates. The presence of a visible security system can also deter potential intruders. Studies have shown that homes with security systems have a lower incidence of break-ins than those without.

Impact on Property Value

When it comes to increasing home values, video intercom systems contribute positively in several ways. Firstly, the added security feature is a selling point that can appeal to safety-conscious buyers. In an era where home security is increasingly prioritized, a house equipped with advanced security technology like a video intercom system is more attractive to potential buyers.

Secondly, video intercom systems are often part of a broader smart home setup. Homes that are equipped with smart technology tend to have a higher market value. A 2016 survey by Consumer Reports found that smart home features could boost a home’s resale value by 3% to 5%. In competitive housing markets, these features can make a property stand out to tech-savvy buyers who are willing to pay a premium for modern conveniences that are already installed.

Considerations for Installation

Installing a video intercom system requires some consideration. Homeowners should choose systems that integrate seamlessly with their existing home technology and match the aesthetic of their home to maintain or enhance the property’s curb appeal. It is also important to consider the quality and features of the system, such as HD video quality, night vision, and connectivity options with other smart devices.

The cost of video intercom systems varies, depending on the features and the brand. However, the return on investment can be quite favorable, especially if the system enhances the overall appeal of the home in a significant way.

Case Studies and Real Estate Expert Opinions

Several case studies highlight the impact of video intercom systems on property value. For example, a residential development in California saw an increase in sales after installing advanced video intercom systems in all units. Real estate experts often cite upgraded technology, including security systems, as a key factor in listing descriptions and property tours, indicating the importance of these systems in marketing a home.

Real estate professionals generally agree that while the installation of a video intercom system alone might not dramatically increase a home’s appraisal value, it does contribute to a faster sale and can justify a higher asking price, especially in upscale markets where buyers expect modern amenities.


For homeowners considering upgrades to enhance their property value, installing a video intercom system is a move that offers both functional and financial benefits. Not only does it improve security—which is a major concern for many buyers—but it also aligns with the growing trend toward smart technology in residential spaces. As more homebuyers come to expect these kinds of technologies in a potential home, the impact on property values is likely to grow even further. Investing in a video intercom system is not just about making a home safer; it’s about making it more competitive and desirable in a bustling real estate market.