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In the realm of firearms, enthusiasts seek functionality, precision, reliability, and craftsmanship. At Confederate Arms, we understand the passion that drives gun enthusiasts.

As an online source for premier firearms, we curate a selection of superior-quality guns to meet the diverse needs of our discerning clientele. Also, our inventory boasts only the finest firearms, including handguns approved in California. Additionally, our commitment to providing Aguila Ammo ensures that you have access to premium ammunition to complement your firearm selection.

So, join us as we delve into the world of firearms, each meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled shooting experience.

Colt Python

The Colt Python stands as a timeless icon in the realm of revolvers. Renowned for its impeccable accuracy and sleek design, the Python has earned its place among collectors and shooters. Furthermore, with its smooth trigger pull and exceptional build quality, the Python remains a pinnacle of revolver engineering.

Glock 19

Glock’s reputation for reliability precedes itself, and the Glock 19 is no exception. This compact powerhouse combines versatility with performance, making it a favorite among law enforcement professionals and civilians. Whether for self-defense or competitive shooting, the Glock 19 delivers unparalleled reliability and ease of use.

Remington 700

For those seeking long-range precision, the Remington 700 is a benchmark in bolt-action rifles. With its robust construction and customizable platform, the 700 offers unmatched accuracy and consistency. Whether hunting in the field or competing on the range, the Remington 700 delivers precision with every shot.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Concealed carry enthusiasts turn to the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield for its compact size and reliable performance. Designed with both comfort and control in mind, the M&P Shield offers a slim profile without sacrificing firepower. Additionally, with its crisp trigger and ergonomic grip, it provides peace of mind in any situation.

Winchester Model 1894

Steeped in history, the Winchester Model 1894 remains a beloved classic among lever-action rifles. With its smooth action and timeless design, it embodies the spirit of the American West. Whether for hunting or recreation, this iconic rifle continues to captivate enthusiasts with its blend of heritage and performance.

CZ Shadow 2

Crafted for competition, the CZ Shadow 2 is a testament to Czech engineering excellence. Designed with input from world-class shooters, it offers unparalleled accuracy and ergonomics. Additionally, with its low recoil and crisp trigger, this competition pistol enables shooters to achieve their full potential on the range.

Mossberg 500

As a cornerstone of home defense, the Mossberg 500 has earned a reputation for reliability and versatility. With its rugged construction and ease of use, the 500 series remains a trusted companion for homeowners and law enforcement. Whether protecting the hearth and home or patrolling the streets, the Mossberg 500 delivers peace of mind when it matters most.

Sig Sauer P320

Sig Sauer’s P320 is a paradigm of modularity and innovation in handguns. With its interchangeable grip modules and crisp trigger, the P320 offers unparalleled versatility and performance. Whether for duty carry or competition shooting, this modular pistol easily adapts to the shooter’s needs.

Barrett M82

For those in need of long-range firepower, the Barrett M82 is a .50 caliber powerhouse. With its semi-automatic action and robust construction, the M82 delivers unmatched precision and stopping power at extreme distances. Whether engaging targets or defending against threats, the Barrett M82 stands ready to meet the most demanding challenges.


The AR-15 platform remains a cornerstone of American firearms culture, prized for its modularity and versatility. With its customizable design and widespread availability of parts and accessories, the AR-15 adapts to a wide range of shooting disciplines and preferences. Whether for sporting purposes or home defense, the AR-15 offers a platform for endless customization and performance.

Ruger SR9

Ruger’s SR9 embodies the company’s commitment to innovation and reliability in a compact package. With its striker-fired design and ergonomic grip, the SR9 offers shooters comfort and control. Whether for concealed carry or recreational shooting, the SR9 delivers dependable performance with every trigger pull.

Beretta 92FS

As a staple of military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, the Beretta 92FS commands respect for its proven performance and durability. With its classic styling and smooth operation, the 92FS remains a favorite among shooters of all backgrounds. This iconic pistol delivers uncompromising reliability and accuracy, whether on duty or at the range.

Springfield Armory M1A

Drawing inspiration from the legendary M14 battle rifle, the Springfield Armory M1A continues to uphold its legacy of excellence. The M1A offers shooters unparalleled accuracy and reliability with its robust construction and timeless design. It is a testament to American premier firearms craftsmanship, whether for competitive shooting or recreational plinking.

Tikka T3

For those seeking precision in a lightweight package, the Tikka T3 delivers uncompromising performance. With its smooth bolt action and adjustable trigger, the T3 offers shooters exceptional accuracy and consistency. Whether stalking game in the field or ringing steel at long range, the Tikka T3 delivers precision where it counts.

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard

Compact yet powerful, the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard offers concealed carry enthusiasts peace of mind in a compact package. The Bodyguard ensures quick and accurate target acquisition with its integrated laser sight and snag-free design. Whether for personal protection or backup duty, the Bodyguard stands ready to defend immediately.

Heckler & Koch VP9

German engineering meets cutting-edge design in the Heckler & Koch VP9. The VP9 offers shooters unparalleled comfort and control with its striker-fired action and ergonomic grip. Whether for duty carry or recreational shooting, this versatile pistol delivers exceptional performance.

M1 Garand

A symbol of American ingenuity and perseverance, the M1 Garand is special in collectors’ and shooters’ hearts. With its robust action and iconic “ping” of the en-bloc clip, the Garand remains a timeless classic. Whether for historical reenactments or competitive shooting, the M1 Garand is a testament to the greatest generation’s dedication to excellence.

Smith & Wesson SD9 VE

Combining affordability with performance, the Smith & Wesson SD9 VE offers shooters a reliable self-defense and recreational shooting option. Also, the SD9 VE delivers consistent accuracy and control with its ergonomic grip and crisp trigger. This budget-friendly pistol provides peace of mind for new shooters or seasoned veterans without breaking the bank.

Ruger LCP

As one of the most compact pistols on the market, the Ruger LCP excels in concealed carry applications. Also, with its lightweight polymer frame and snag-free design, the LCP disappears comfortably on the body for all-day carry. Whether as a backup gun or a primary self-defense option, the Ruger LCP delivers reliable performance in a pocket-sized package.

Tavor X95

Combining the best elements of bullpup design with Israeli ingenuity, the Tavor X95 offers shooters a compact and ergonomic rifle platform. With its ambidextrous controls and robust construction, the X95 excels in close-quarters engagements and urban environments. Whether for military and law enforcement use or civilian sport shooting, the Tavor X95 stands ready to perform.


At Confederate Arms, we take pride in offering a selection of premier firearms that cater to the diverse needs of our clientele. So, from classic revolvers to cutting-edge semi-automatic rifles, each premier firearms in our inventory is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

Whether for self-defense, hunting, or competition shooting, our lineup of top-tier arms ensures that every shooter can find the perfect premier firearms to suit their needs. So, explore our collection today and experience the difference that quality craftsmanship makes in your shooting experience.