All You need to Know About Booking Group Food Order In Train

Group food order in train

Travelling with a group of people on a train is full of fun. Whether on a business trip or a vacation, you interact with each other, watch movies, play games, and so on. Enjoyment quadruples if fresh, delicious food arrives right there on the train. Group food order in trains is all about this.

Here are all the details you should be aware of when booking a group food order on the train.

What is a Bulk Food Order

Bulk food order in train service is one of the best initiatives by train apps. It saves you from the hectic process of carrying an extra bag of food. Now, you can place a group food order on the train via food delivery services. If you are travelling in a group, you don’t need to book food individually for everyone. You can place food orders for the whole group at a time using e-catering services.

Simple Procedures for Ordering

Ordering food for the whole group on the train is very easy. All you need to order food on the train is your PNR number. Your PNR number has details related to your train journeys, including the train number, seat number, and coach number. PNR number is helpful for any one of the members of the group to order food. 

You can follow these steps to place a group food order in trains:

  • Open the Train food delivery app.
  • Move to the bulk order enquiry section.
  • Call the given number.
  • Proceed with your PNR number.
  • Your order will be accepted, and the vendor will provide the necessary directions. 

Optional Customisation of your Order

Train food apps give you the option to customise your order. You don’t need to order the same food for the whole group, adding monotony to the trip. Now you can order different platters for different group members, like pizza, regional thalis, Chinese cuisine, etc.

Getting Jain food everywhere becomes difficult if you belong to the Jain community. 

Travelling with your family or friends on the train becomes more cumbersome. But here is some good news. Food on Track offers you the ease of Jain food delivery in trains. The food is prepared under strict guidelines. You can place a bulk order for Jain food on the train.

Pre-booking of Meal

Internet services on the train often get interrupted. It can delay the successful booking of a meal. In such cases, what’s best to do is book your meal in advance. If you have to order food for the whole group, you can pre-book your meal per your preferences. For this, you need to call the dedicated helpline number of the prime food app.

Ease of Dual Payment 

This is another benefit of ordering food for the group on the train. You can pay both offline and online. Online mode is preferable to avoid the hustle and bustle of ordering.

Instructions as Per Your Preferences

While booking a meal in bulk on the train, you can add instructions to cook the food per your preferences. You can give the vendor directions to be followed while cooking food. 

Train food services have made railway journeys more comfortable. The Food on Track app appears as the knight in shining armour by offering you nutritious and delicious food right to your seat on the train, including group food order in trains. You can access Food on the Track portal using a browser or download the app. It will appear as a best friend on your train trips.