All You Need to Know About Hemp Boxes

All You Need to Know About Hemp Boxes

Like all others, hemp extracts also need protection from external factors. If your packaging fails to provide enough safety, there is a likely threat of product spilling. But with hemp boxes, you can secure your product from damage. 

Hemp is a sensitive product used for medicinal and body care purposes. It is light and moisture sensitive and can lose its potential benefits by light or moisture exposure. Good quality packaging can protect hemp extracts from unfavorable conditions. 

Usually, hemp products are stored in glass containers. These containers can break from mechanical stress during transport.  Hemp box packaging can provide thorough protection from such stresses and enable your product to safely reach your customers. 

In addition to these, you can use various types of embellishments and add-ons for aesthetic packaging. The color scheme can also be customized according to the product requirement which can make your packaging one-of-its-kind. 

Save Your Budget- Hemp Box Packaging

As we all know, the main purpose of any company is to earn profit and reduce expenditure. By designing your personalized boxes, you can reduce your packaging cost. Not only hemp but the packaging of other products too can cut your manufacturing cost. 

Design  Boxes With Care 

Hemp oil and extract are widely used due to their enormous benefits.

As mentioned above, these extracts are likely to spill. Perfectly designed custom CBD boxes can help eliminate this threat. Therefore, companies give special attention to the design of hemp packaging boxes. 

Top-Notch Printing Techniques

With the advancement in technology, every industry has revolutionalized. For your hemp packaging, you should take advantage of technology. You can select either a plain box style or an embellished one with sharp images. 

Following are some of the printing techniques that can elevate your package design:

  • Off-set printing
  • Digital-printing 
  •  Flexographic Printing 
  • Rotogravure Printing 
  • Silkscreen Printing

You can add your brand’s logo to make your custom CBD boxes recognizable. 

Boost Your Product Sale 

How you can attract the maximum number of customers to your brand? The simple answer to this question is by making your brand iconic among others. This can be done by making a quality product and selecting custom CBD packaging. 

Every brand tries to fit the standards of regulatory authorities. And in this race, they neglect the packaging aspect of the product. As you want to make your brand of top-notch quality with a maximum customer turnout, you must invest in hemp boxes.

On the other hand, if you avoid this crucial aspect of packaging your product will never succeed in attracting buyers as customers are less likely to purchase a damaged product. 

Sophisticated Lamination for Hemp Packaging Boxes

Although, the main protection of your product is provided by packaging. Lamination can be added as a protective barrier to your packaging. It protects the packaging from stains, spills, and scratches. 

Below some lamination ideas are enlisted: 

  • Gloss lamination 
  • Matte lamination 
  • Soft touch lamination

Now we will see how these laminations can add value to your packaging: 

  • Gloss Lamination 

For glossy and shiny packaging, you can use gloss lamination. This lamination will make your colors vibrant and sharp. In addition to this, it increases the readability of the text written on the box. For a neat gloss lamination is the best type. 

  • Matte Lamination 

Matt lamination is suitable for dark shades. Although it does not give a transparent look to the box, it gives a decent outlook to the packaging. It is an excellent choice for neutral colors and a sophisticated look. 

  • Soft Touch Lamination 

For premium quality boxes soft touch lamination is used. It gives a velvety appearance to your hemp boxes. It is one of the high-end options for packaging material. 

Most of the customers are concerned about the intoxication of the environment. You can help in pollution reduction using biodegradable material for custom CBD packaging Cardboard, kraft, and corrugated, any of which can be used for degradable packaging. 


Being a sensitive product, hemp extracts need extra care during storage and transit. Hemp boxes made of sturdy material can provide secure boxing. Moreover, by adding add-ons, laminations, and high-tech printings you can make an ideal box for hemp. 

Packaging is essential in keeping the brand identity among the top sellers. You can custom made your box by highlighting your product specifications and promoting your brand.