Canva Pro Team Invite Link: How to Get Access Canva Pro


Canva Pro Team is the premium solution from Canva that makes graphic design accessible for teams and organizations. With Canva Pro Team, groups can easily collaborate to create visual content for social media, presentations, documents, and more.

What is the Canva Pro Team Invite Link

The Canva Pro Team Invite Link is a feature that allows users to invite team members to collaborate on a project. This feature is available in Canva Pro, a paid version of the popular graphic design tool, which offers advanced features such as unlimited storage, Design professional brand kits, and access to a library of millions of premium photos and elements.

Benefits of Canva Pro Team

Some key benefits of the Canva Pro Team include:

  • Centralized assets and brand kits – Maintain brand consistency with folders for logos, fonts, colors, and templates.
  • Advanced design tools – Access a huge library of templates, photos, illustrations, and design elements to elevate your graphics.
  • Built for collaboration – Share folders and designs, co-edit in real-time, and leave feedback on projects.
  • Robust integrations – Connect Canva to your other tools like social media schedulers, analytics, CMS platforms, and more.
  • Admin controls – Manage users and permissions, set brand controls, customize onboarding, and track usage.

Getting Access to Canva Pro Team

So how do you get access to the Canva Pro Team Invite Link for your team or organization? There are two main options:

Purchasing a Canva Pro Team License

You can purchase Canva Pro Team licenses directly from Canva’s website. They offer monthly and annual pricing plans based on the number of users you need. This is the simplest way to gain full administrative access and benefits.

Getting an Invite Link

The other way to join the Canva Pro Team Invite Link is by getting an invite link from someone who already has an active Canva Pro Team account.

Who can send invite links?

Any existing Canva Pro Team admins can generate invite links to add new members to their accounts.

How to get an invite link

If you don’t already have a Canva Pro Team account, you’ll need to reach out to co-workers or connections who have admin access to request an invite link. Some options:

  • Ask your marketing or design team at work if your company already uses Canva Pro Team. Many organizations have existing accounts.
  • Reach out to business contacts, freelance clients, or others who may be able to send you an invite.
  • Post on LinkedIn, Twitter, or design forums asking for a Canva Pro invite link. Fellow designers are often happy to share access.
  • You can also request an invite on the Canva website to be notified if any spots open up.

Keep in mind invite links are intended for actual team members, so you’ll want to explain why you need access and how you’ll contribute to the account.

Using Your Canva Pro Team Account

Once you’ve got your Canva Pro Team access set up, it’s time to start using the powerful features:

Adding team members

Admins can invite new Canva users directly or send invite links. Easily manage members and permissions within the Canva platform.

Collaborating on designs

Invite teammates to co-edit any design in real-time with live cursor tracking and commenting. No more emailing files back and forth!

Managing brands and folders

Upload brand assets like logos, create color palettes, and save fonts and templates to ensure visual consistency. Use folders to organize projects and provide access to certain members.

Tips for Using Canva Pro Team

Follow these tips to really maximize the Canva Pro Team and build a collaborative design process:

Take advantage of templates

Browse the Canvas template library and save branded templates to your account. Easily customize them for different projects.

Use brand kits for consistency

Set up brand folders with logos, colors, fonts, patterns, and guidelines to maintain on-brand visuals.

Set up workflows

Use Canvas approval and automation features to streamline assigning tasks, providing feedback, and approving content.

Integrate with other tools

Connect your other platforms like social schedulers, analytics, CMS, and more using Canva robust API integrations.


With powerful features for brand management, content collaboration, and streamlined workflows, Canva Pro Team takes graphic design to the next level for teams and organizations. The key is getting access through purchasing a plan or leveraging an invite link. Once your account is set up, be strategic in organizing assets, teams, and processes to maximize this versatile platform. Canva Pro Team can be transformative for creating visual content at scale!


How much does Canva Pro Team cost?

Canva Pro Team starts at $12.99 per month per user when billed annually. Monthly and annual pricing is available based on number of users.

What’s the difference between Canva Pro and Canva Pro Team?

Canva Pro is for individual users while Canva Pro Team adds features like brand management, admin controls, team collaboration, and integrated approvals.

Can free Canva users collaborate on designs?

No, only Canva Pro Team users can collaborate by co-editing designs in real time. Free Canva only allows individual use.

How many people can use a Canva Pro Team account?

Canva Pro Team supports unlimited users. You pay based on the number of active editors/contributors to the account.

Can I invite people outside my company to my Canva Pro Team?

Yes, you can invite clients, freelancers, contractors, and others to join your Canva Pro Team account and collaborate on designs.