Graphic Designer Tips: Top 4 creative brochure design tips


Choose vibrant colors

Bold and vivid colors make your sales brochure more attractive and eye-catching. The true impact of your color choice will only come true when you use the highest quality colored ink. You would have to spend more but the result will be design agency worth the investment and your sales brochures will be more appealing and attractive. Since the competition in the sales brochure design world is fierce, you need to ensure that the final product has the most appealing colors.

Use high-resolution images

Some very important elements of a successful sales brochure are the images or images that you choose. In order to create a unique design for your brochure that looks very prominent among other things, you need to choose high-resolution photos and images. These images also make your brochure more attractive and less boring as it doesn’t contain excessive amounts of boring text or poor quality images. A suitable image can get your message across more effectively than a long passage of well-crafted text.

Use your discretion

You can use the discretion that the client grants you as a graphic designer to make your sales brochure more professional and appealing. Do something new and totally innovative that will make your end product a unique promotional tool. You can use different bold and italic fonts to emphasize the important elements in your text. You can also create interesting captions for your images as many people tend to see the images and just read their captions while completely ignoring the text sections.

Use less text

Less amount of text can make your brochure look more professional, appealing and attractive. Remember that less is more when it comes to the amount of text in a brochure. The prospectus is more interesting if you only provide important information in the form of bullet points or captions and divide the text blocks into smaller passages. The Arial font family can be a suitable choice for typefaces as it has the innate trait of being able to print equally well in both smaller and larger sizes.

These four tips will give you the basic information you need to start designing your sales brochure, whether you’re a graphic design company or a professional brochure designer. Since brochures are an integral part of every company’s marketing process, you will continue to get more orders based on the first successful product. The importance of sales brochures lies in the fact that they are the basic tools that help any business to introduce its products and services to potential customers in order to attract more customers. Almost every customer gets their first introduction to a company through their brochure, which makes it all the more important to make a good first impression. Remember to include your name and contact information on the back so the brochure can also function as a marketing tool.