How Could A Standing Desk Benefit Your Health?


In the modern world, we often find ourselves spending hours sitting at work. You definitely know by now that those many hours of sitting are not good for your health. At the same time, you probably can’t quit your job to exercise all day. Here’s where a standing desk can really help you.

What Is A Standing Desk?

A standing desk is a desk that is built for use stehpult while standing. That means, if you have one of these desks at work, you would be standing throughout the day as you use your desk.

Of course, you can have a chair nearby to take occasionally sitting breaks, but when you sit the desk is too high to use, so you won’t be using the chair for anything more than breaks. Now you may groan at the thought of standing all day, but just by using this sort of desk you can help keep yourself healthy.

Why Is This Healthy?

Research has shown that it is possible that just exercising for a while every day to counteract the negative effects of sitting too much (which include obesity, sleep apnea, heart disease, pulmonary embolisms, and so on) may not be enough. Instead, standing and walking throughout the day is a much better approach to exercise. This is one of the wonderful ways a standing desk can help you, since you will be forced to be on your feet.

Besides that, users of standing desks have found that with time, their back muscles as well as other muscles become strengthened, since they are not pressuring those muscles too much with prolonged sitting and lack of activity. Some users also state that using a standing desk has helped them be more social at work, since by standing they have to look at people beyond their cubicle. More interaction at work can reduce stress and help you feel more calm, which is beneficial to your health.

Do note though that if you are used to stehpult sitting at your desk while additionally also being a couch potato at home, you will need some time to get used to a standing desk. As long as you ease into using the desk (such as by spending two hours standing, half an hour sitting, and then standing again, and repeating this process throughout the workday), you will be on your way to a healthier and stronger body.

Don’t give up if you find it tough initially; you will not be the first sedentary person to feel that way. With some willpower and effort, you will learn to adjust to your new workstation and you may even find that you love it!