How to Book Alitalia Flight Tickets


Booking an Alitalia Ticket is possible using the online website and mobile application of the Alitalia. Passengers can also use the traditional method to book the Alitalia Flights which is the airport counter. Mostly the process of booking tickets is the same for Airlines but there are a few points which you must consider and take care of when booking an Alitalia ticket. You can refer to the below mentioned information and details for booking an Alitalia Flight.

How to book an Alitalia Flight

Before jumping to the booking process, decide the place from where you want to start and your destination where you want to go. After deciding this you can check the tickets for any particular date for your journey. You can also check the tickets on flexible dates, for budget friendly and reasonable tickets. Check more details here for booking an Alitalia ticket.

Steps to book Alitalia Flight Ticket online

  • Visit the official website of Alitalia airlines and sign in using your credentials.
    • Go to the Booking section and input the airports for your source and destination.
    • Look through the Frontier flight options and choose one for your journey.
    • Complete the reservation process and store the Alitalia flight ticket.

Steps to book Alitalia Flight Ticket using Mobile App

Go to the Alitalia mobile app and sign in using your credentials.
Enter your source and destination airports when you visit the Alitalia booking area.
Choose a flight for your journey by looking through the available Alitalia flights that are displayed on the Alitalia mobile app.
Book the flight and keep the Alitalia flight ticket. 

Book Alitalia Flight Ticket at Airport

Speak with the Alitalia executive at the airport to reserve your tickets. There are three main processes involved in booking your Alitalia airline tickets, which are listed below:

For ticket booking, go to the airport that is closest to you.
Locate the executive and Alitalia counter at the airport.
Inform them that you would want to reserve a ticket on Frontier and provide them the details.
After you pay, they will reserve an Alitalia ticket for you, which you can pick up from the counter. 

How to add Seat in Alitalia Ticket

Passengers who do not want a random allocated seat and wish to reserve a pre-booked seat in advance can add it while booking. Apart from that they can also book the seat any time using the manage booking option. Booking a seat in an Alitalia flight is not mandatory for all the passengers as if you do not pre book your seat, you will get an auto assigned seat by Airlines. Reserving a seat in advance is chargeable and you can check the pricing in the auto-assignment chart of the Airlines for booking a specific seat in the aircraft.


These are the popular and main ways for booking an Alitalia Flight ticket. Do not forget to collect your ticket after booking if you are booking it from the counter. Apart from that e-tickets can be downloaded from the website or mobile app and they will also send you a confirmation message by email or SMS.