How to Find a Skilled SEO Writer and Web Writer


When you want to promote your website with the search engines you will need some SEO content that can help you do the job. If you are not an SEO writer yourself you will have to find one. You can find SEO writers in every corner of the Internet but the question is which one will work the best for your project. To choose a web writer you should consider just what you are looking for. Read on and organize your thoughts before you head off to hire an SEO writer!

Looking for an SEO Writer

The first thing to consider when you want to hire a web writer is how much help you need. If you are pretty familiar with all of the SEO strategies and you just need the writing done you could probably go with a less experienced writer. The quality of the text won’t be the highest but for your purposes it could work well. You will have to tweak and correct it but lower quality saves you a bit of money when you are already a wiz at Seo Texter.

If you are not an expert and you need help with the whole concept of promoting your website you should turn to a writer that understands SEO very well. Look for the SEO firms that offer complete packages for promotion of web site and get advice for your particular site and keyword.


Something which must work well is the communication between you and the SEO writer. Once you send an email you should look for the type of response that you get. Does the writer ask you serious questions that indicate that he makes some real re-search or does he shoot straight for your wallet? Fast answers are always appreciated but if you send your request during a holiday you should realize that web writers are people too! The quality of the answer is important and it gives you an indication of what type of service you can expect.

Good Turn Around Times

You also want to know how fast the Seo Texter can deliver your content. For a few articles you don’t want to wait more than a week. This would imply that the writer has tons of work and puts you at the end of the line. Work with a web writer that knows to appreciate your business and gives you and your content the attention you deserve. For bigger projects it can be very smart to divide the dead lines into two week stops so that you get some content to get started with while the rest is being finalized by the SEO writer.