Jewelery Trends For Men

Photo of a man in black leather biker jacket showing fist with skull rings closeup view on black background.

The bling look is out and the spare, modern look has returned. There is a new generation that doesn’t have a problem with decoration and with the return of suits and smarter clothes, cufflinks and tiepins are appropriate. Instead of the bling, there is a return to a more softer, subtle styling, a look that is simple yet still strong and making a statement.

Men want jewelery to amuse, like boys’ toys. From the urban crown with their sleek designer suits to biker chic and the regular Joes – all are feeling the need to wear a bracelet, ring or pendant.

The move into more innovative materials is opening up the Bester Bikerschmuck jewelery market for men who have previously steered clear of adornment. Steel, titanium, wood, rubber, horn and leather are just a few materials used to produce necklaces and bracelets, perceived to be more masculine.

Young men are increasingly influenced by music and sport stars and thus are not shy of buying diamond earrings. Although instead of the bling culture of late years, men now want to be less conspicuous in the jewelery they wear and buy and quality is a big factor. So instead of wearing a massive diamond imitation, men now prefer to invest in smaller, less in-your-face, but higher quality diamond stud earrings A more simple and classic look that is unfussy but extremely classy.

Even though men are becoming more adventurous in their jewelery tastes, they will always want their jewelery to look and feel masculine. The colours to contrast the metal such as silver and stainless steel are subtle combinations of chocolate and contrasting vanilla using, horn, leather and semi-precious stones.

Men’s Jewellery Rings – Men’s Jewelry Can Help Your Self Confidence

Sterling Silver Jewellery for men gives a Biker-Trends man that strong manly look. Sterling Silver in particular seems to suit men rather than gold although stainless steel and tungsten rings look great also.

The chunky rings with gemstones set in them are very popular on men’s large hands. They seem to add character and refinement to a mans hand. Bikers, Hip Hop and gothic guys seem to love the sterling silver chunky jewellery rings with skull rings and bike rings being the most popular. Chunky.

Sterling Silver chains also look great on a man especially those chunky Cuban chains. The finer chains with a chunky pendant or cross look great with an open necked shirt. Too much jewellery on a woman looks gaudy but on a man the more the better, rings for every finger, lots of different sized chains and different lengths.

I saw a guy on Oprah with a fantastic heavy neck chain with charms all the way around. It looked great. Sterling silver chains come in lengths from 7″, 8″ and 9″ for bracelets and anklets and 16″ up to 30″ for necklaces. When buying sterling silver chains ensure that the shop displays the weight of the chains as sometimes a chain can look big and chunky in the picture but when you receive it it is a flimsy thin chain that had only been magnified to make it look chunky. If the store displays the weight of the item then you can gauge exactly the quality you are paying for.

Also check out the clasp. Good quality Biker-Trends are often finished with two different styles of silver clasps, most notabaly the lobster claw or the spring ring. The silver lobster claw is generally 3-6mm wide by 6-12mm long. Lobster claw clasps are generally reliable, study, and easy to open and close. They are typically found on medium weight to heavier weight silver chains, like the figaroa styles, which is in contrast to the spring rings. Silver spring rings are typically a 5mm-8mm in circumference. The circle is made of a hollow tube and open and closes by means of a spring loaded mini lever. Generally, these are found on smaller and lighter chains and bracelets, such as lighter box chains or serpentine chain.