Official MyLowesLife Employee Login for My Lowe’s Life


The official login page for Lowe’s present and former workers is called MyLowesLife. In order to create a relationship between employees, retirees, and the business, the web portal was launched in 2009. On this portal, Lowes employees can connect with other employees and officials.

Lowe’s workers can get information about their jobs by logging in. Current Lowe’s employees may request a leave of absence, view their work schedules, and even submit a promotion application.

Even previous workers can access their accounts via the Lowe’s SSO login page and acquire information about their careers.

The business was established in 1946 with basic household items in Mooresville, North Carolina, as their initial site.

These days, they also have operations in Mexico, Canada, and the United States of America, employing a staggering 310,000 people.

Lowe’s stores are well known for providing clients with high-quality, entirely eco-friendly services and products.


  • MyLowesLife Advantages

There is no other reason why the My Lowes Life portal was created for their employees. On this platform, any single employee of the Lowe’s store can swap shifts and request emergency leaves.

They can manage work-related correspondence, paychecks, bills, promotions, and a lot more things linked to their function in the company at the Lowes Employee Portal.

Check out the list of advantages to using the portal for employees at the bottom of this page.

  • Employee Login for MyLowesLife​

As was already said, the lowes workspace portal is intended for both present and former employees. The first important thing to note is that you must be an employee of the organisation in order to be allowed to connect to the site.

Being an employee is not sufficient; you also need to have a developed an active account for yourself within the business. so that you may use your Lowe’s login information to view your profile from anywhere. Make sure you have the items listed below before you start.

  • Sales Number or Lowes Employee User ID
  • the password for your employee account
  • Must respond to the security question in order to properly log in.

You won’t be able to log in if you don’t provide the correct answer to the security question, which is obviously a very distinct situation.

There are two different login sections on the MyLowesLife Portal. The first portion is for present employees, while the second one is for retirees, or former employees who are no longer employed at Lowe’s workplace.

  1. Current Employees’ Login to MyLowesLife
  • If you are a current Lowe’s employee, you can access your Lowe’s account by adhering to the instructions provided below.
  • Open any web browser on a desktop or mobile device and navigate to the myloweslife employee portal.
  • In the url bar of the web browser on your phone or computer, type and press enter.
  • Most likely, you will see a window like the one below. The sales number and password must now be entered in the appropriate sections.
  • Tap “Login” to log into your lowes employee account.
  • To prevent issues with your account, you must provide the required answer to the security question.
  • In the portal, choose Full-Time or Part-Time depending on your existing work profile.

You will be successfully logged in if you have successfully completed each of the aforementioned stages.

The lowes employee ID and the sales number are same. Not to be confused with either

  1. My Lowes Life Login – Retirees and Former Employees

If you were a former employee of the company, you can still access your MyLowesLife Account. Please be aware, however, that the login procedure for present employees and former employees is completely different. To successfully log into your Lowe’s employee account, follow the procedures provided below.

  • On your phone or laptop, launch Google Chrome or another online browser.
  • To access the official website of the my lowes life login portal for former workers, type into the address bar and press Enter.
  • As you look through the window, you will now be able to see a separate section for previous employees.
  • By doing so, you will be directed to another website where you can immediately log into your employee account.
  • You can now log in to the portal using the User ID and Password associated with your profile that you previously used.

You may retrieve your User ID and Password when you’re out and about. On the page, you may also notice a number of other possibilities, including a tool for benefit pricing and the creation of a new user account. All of those topics will be covered below.

My Lowe’s Life login password needs to be reset.

  • Don’t you still have your employee account’s Lowe’s password? Fear not; you can get it back.
  • Use any web browser to access the Lowe’s Employee Portal website on a computer or mobile device.
  • Use your browser to navigate to access the official website.

Password Reset Now 

The login box with text fields for user id and password will now appear on the left side of the screen.

How Do I Fix The MyLowesLife Login Error?

Myloweslife employee login may occasionally not function properly for a variety of good reasons. The portal will plan certain maintenance updates, as we now know. Employees are unable to log into their accounts during times of scheduled maintenance.

Your lowes employee user id and password, on the other hand, need to be entered accurately. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it by using the above-mentioned procedures.

In any case, it’s usually a good idea to try opening the My Lowes Life Login page again after clearing the browser cache on your computer.

Otherwise, you can give it another go on your computer or phone using any other web browser.

If the login is still not functioning, your only option is to get in touch with Lowes HR. We have included contact information for employees, including phone numbers and email addresses. Call any of those numbers or write an email to the provided address describing the issue in detail.

Employee Support for MyLowesLife – Contact the Help Desk

Use the contact information provided below if you have any outstanding issues, such as a lowes employee login that isn’t working, or if you have complaints about any goods or services.

  • corporate office of Lowe’s: (704) 758-1000
  • Customer service at Lowe’s for me: 1-800-445-6937
  • Services for Lowe’s Credit Cards: 1-866-232-7443
  • Human Resources at Lowe’s: 1-336-658-3535
  • Call 1-888-775-6937 for Lowe’s repairs, warranties, and protection plans.
  • Call the sales division at 1-800-465-6937.
  • Email from Lowe’s:

You can get in touch with them from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Eastern Time) seven days a week.

There are no business hours set out for email contact with them. Anytime you send them an email, they will respond as soon as they receive it.

Overview of MyLowesLife’s employee benefits

The advantages we’ve listed below pertain only to portal usage. We have a separate article about myloweslife employee benefits if you wish to read it.

  1. Employees Currently on the Job
  • Observe and control work schedules
  • Change shifts at work as you have planned. login for Kronos
  • Check out and print your Lowe’s paystub.
  • View and apply for any specific Myloweslife employee perks programme.
  • ask for a promotion from the Lowe’s staff panel.


  1. Retired employees of Lowe’s
  • View your Lowe’s company profile’s employment information.
  • Print the Pf information from the panel, along with the paychecks.
  • Check to see if there are any additional advantages that you will receive from Lowe’s stores.
  • Check as well How to View W2 Tax Form Information on MyLowesLife

The web portal has several purposes for all employees, including perks, promotions, career chances, retirement alternatives, etc.


Current and past workers can login to the employee login portal called MyLowesLife. Anyone in the world, including those in Canada, the United States, and other countries, can use the Lowe’s login page. Each employee will therefore be able to simply control their work schedules and examine their remuneration.