Picking a Protein Supplement That Is Appropriate With Your Blood: The Greatest Protein Supplement


Whey protein supplements are not the most effective protein supplement. Let me be very clear about one thing about vitamin d drops: A whey supplement is TOXIC for roughly 88% of white people. This indicates that there is an 88% probability you are self-intoxicating if you use a whey-based supplement. Here is my viewpoint on the topic of protein supplements. I now understand that this is a crucial issue, but I have yet to see it addressed. I’m telling you this so you may pay this article the respect it deserves. This article’s goal is to clarify how your unique blood type and the optimal protein supplement relate to one another.

Breakdown of the article

the secret relationship between the optimal protein supplement for your blood type

an analysis of a case involving the ideal protein supplement for your blood type

  • You and your blood type and lectins
  • putting everything together
  • I want you to get to know lectins.

A class of proteins known as lectins is present in numerous everyday foods. When you consume lectins that are incompatible with your blood type, it disturbs your metabolism, immunological system, and digestive system. Your blood cells and other cells are made to clump together, or agglutinate, by lectins. They may also obstruct the digestion of proteins.

The importance of lectins in choosing the appropriate protein supplement

And this is where lectins come into play in all of this. Every dietary supplement includes lectins from the food from which it was produced.

For instance:

You will consume casein lectins if you take a supplement made from casein.

Whey lectins will be consumed if you take a whey supplement.

You will eat soy lectins if you take a soy supplement. For a supplement produced from rice, hemp, eggs, or any other protein source, the same rules apply.

The basic premise is that if you take a supplement made from a food that reacts negatively to your blood type, you will experience effects like allergic reactions, decreased protein breakdown (and subsequent food poisoning), inflammatory and autoimmune disease, damage to intestinal lining, and many others.

I don’t buy that; 88% is just too high of a percentage.

So let me explain this.

Population of Caucasians by blood type:

47% blood type O

41% have blood type A.

Type B – 9%

3% Type AB (I got this information from my high school anatomy textbook.)

Information source, a very well-cited and well-liked nutritional science book, which I will be identifying later for suspense-related reasons. Blood Type O and Blood Type A are discouraged from consuming either whey or especially casein because it contains a type of lectins that react negatively with their blood type.

Please keep in mind that this information has been verified to be accurate by thousands of users, making it a tested scientific fact.

Consuming either whey or casien, which are frequently described as the “greatest protein supplement” supplements on the globe, harms 47% (type O) + 41% (type A) = 88% of the white population.

So consider this!

How can a whey supplement be the greatest protein supplement if the best protein supplement is the one that works best for you and the most common protein supplement, which is whey, is bad for roughly 88% of the white population?

Frankly, it’s impossible.

To be very clear, allow me to give some extra clarifications:

– As compared to whey, casein is less healthy for type O; If you have a healthy type O, you can occasionally consume whey without experiencing any effects; even if you are in good health, you should never consume casein;

– for type A, the same rule applies as for type O, with one exception: you must test to see if whey will be neutral for you;

! Please don’t assume that simply because you have a healthy type O blood type, you should drink whey because it is still bad for your specific blood type. Let me use an analogy: Eating a dish of french fries won’t likely get you sick, but it still affects your body negatively. Why then should you minimize your outcomes when there are options available that are in your best interests?

For instance, meat is good for the health of type O people. If your blood type is O, simply discard the whey and consume meat. But, Type A people should avoid this since their blood reacts negatively to the lectins in beef.

You need to realize that this is more important than is generally acknowledged or given credit for. Without realizing it, I observe individuals posting and conversing on forums about the finest protein supplement.

A) The idea of the finest protein is inextricably related to the best protein supplement.

B) There is no such thing as the best protein, or for that matter, the greatest protein supplement, because not all proteins are healthy for everyone. Let me say that again: there is no such thing as the best protein.

I’ve spoken about this previously, but it needs to be understood:

The protein supplement that is most effective for YOU is the greatest protein supplement.

The idea of the best protein supplement is pure, utter, and ignorant marketing fluff since what is good for you can be bad for someone else. Even worse, the MAJORITY of individuals are negatively impacted by it.

What you should remember from this article is this. You not base your decision on anything as hazy and ill-defined as another person’s view. regardless of how many walls are plastered with it. Make your own research before buying harmful things to avoid shooting yourself in the foot. Now that you have some information at your disposal, you may choose a protein supplement that is ideal for you.