Raw Food Diets in Dogs and Cats

Adorable cat and dog resting together on sofa indoors. Animal friendship

The systems in animals are accustomed to raw food and use it effectively for maintaining good health and well-being. In this way, in the wild animals live long and healthy lives. However, in our homes, we tend to give our dogs and cats cooked food or processed food bought from supermarkets. They may affect their natural vitality and immune systems and make our pets prone to infections, allergies and other diseases. Raw food diets for dogs and cats are generally advantageous in terms of the nutritional support they provide to the body, promoting the immune system and making it strong enough to fight off diseases.

Studies have revealed that commercially processed foods lack several vital nutrients; this can make a dog hypersensitive and extremely susceptible to allergies. Moreover, consumption of too the quantity of grains that these processed foods contain can also be harmful for the dog’s teeth. In one particular study carried out with 900 cats over 10 years, it was found that the rate of degeneration was higher in cats that were not fed on raw foods than cats fed on raw foods. Cats fed on two-thirds raw meat and one-third raw milk with little cod liver oil diets were found to do better than cats that had processed food of identical calorific value. The study also revealed that cats fed on cooked food were at higher risk https://www.haustier365.de/ of heart problems, thyroid complications, vision problems, infections of kidneys, liver, testes and bladder and even paralysis and meningitis. Irritation and sexual displeasure were also some of the symptoms that the cats fed on cooked foods displayed.

Owners are afraid to put their dogs and cats

Many owners are afraid to put their dogs and cats on raw food from the fear of contracting infections by the pets from parasites, salmonella and harmful bacteria that raw foods may contain. However, such thoughts are reasonably misplaced, as dogs and cats have short alimentary tract with strong acidic environment that ‘kills’ these harmful organisms and prevent their proliferation in the body. Owners can also add Fulvic acid to the raw food diet of dogs and cats; this acid is an excellent neutralizer of toxins and can drastically cut down the risk of food poisoning.

Raw food diets for dogs and cats can have several choices and may include raw meat such as chicken, pig feet, beef heart, raw vegetables including sea vegetables, raw eggs, chia seeds, coconut oil, raw garlic, grounded or pureed raw carrots and other greens and nutrients. The bones in the meat are excellent source of dietary https://www.haustier365.de/ calcium that dogs and cats require abundantly for good health and vitality.