Susan Silverman’s and you can SPENSER’s German Shorthaired Tip and you will mutual “child,” who substitute Pearl I during the Backstory


Susan Silverman’s and you can SPENSER’s German Shorthaired Tip and you will mutual “child,” who substitute Pearl I during the Backstory

Pearl the wonder Canine II. Mr. Parker is frequently seen of one’s right back out of their books with their German Shorthaired Tip(s).

Poitras, Mitchell. To your Massachusetts Agencies out of Degree, however, he loves to also provide more youthful girls so you can pimps. Ceremony. Said in Hundred-dollar Baby having been busted to own pornography during the Service.

Porter, John. Person in Brand new Hobarts gang. Major Johnson’s “muscle.” Double Deuce. Said in Hundred-dollar Little one but are claimed while the lifeless.

Preacher, The brand new. Leader of Dell, a great “religious” company “modern slope anybody…a few left-over hippies, and you may a standard variety of panhandlers and you can drunks and you can potheads,” significantly more than Potshot. The city pays your coverage money. Potshot.

Prendergast, Bev. Among April Kyle’s “girls” just who gets washed out by the Ollie Mars with his enforcers. Hundred-dollar Child.

Prinz, Amos. Dad away from Ashton Prince, just who, together with Isaac Herzberg, survived Auschwitz. These were the past ones for Woman With An effective Finch once they offered it to help you a supplier to obtain money so you’re able to survive shortly after their release regarding the attention go camping. Decorated Ladies’.

Prinz, Asher (Ash). AKA Ashton Prince. Teacher out of artwork records at Walford School, and you will forensic art consultant for the issues off theft and forgery. The guy very appreciated the students co-eds. Needs SPENSER to act since shelter to possess him as he exchanges a ransom money to the stolen paint, They don’t work-out really. Woman That have An excellent Finch

Q [ ]

Quirk, Martinmander of your Boston murder agency. Promoted from Lieutenant in order to Captain when you look at the Short Vices. Pal of SPENSER plus one of the three hardest men you to definitely SPENSER understands (however, SPENSER and you will Hawk are definitely the most other a couple). The fresh Godwulf Manuscript, Mortal Stakes, In search of Rachel Wallace, Service, This new Expanding Gyre, Valediction, An excellent Catskill Eagle, Crimson Contentment, Playmates, Stardust, Double Deuce, Papers Doll, Strolling Shadow, Thin air, Possibility, Brief Vices, Sudden Mischief, Hugger Mugger, Widow’s Go, Right back Facts, Crappy Organization, Cooler Solution, Hundred dollar Baby, On occasion, Rough-weather, The new Elite, Coated Ladies’, Sixkill.

Roentgen [ ]

Rambeaux, Robert. A north carolina pimp who is going through songs college or university. The guy gets slain. Taming a sea Horse. Said for the Playmates and you can Hundred dollar Little one.

Ratoff, Carson. Attorney for Jumbo Nelson after Rita Fiore left him. They are also the attorneys to have AABeau Flick Lovers which launder money to have Nicky Fellscroft. Sixkill.

Ray. Boyfriend regarding a beneficial girl which Jumbo Nelson Pawed at club where Zebulon Sixkill did as he fell regarding college or university. Sixkill.

Purple. One of five thugs which see SPENSER at the his place of work once their appearance to your a radio cam let you know. Deep red Happiness.

Rezendez, Leonard. Tony Marcus’ second in command. Located take to to passing within the Rough-weather. Cold Solution, Hundred-dollar Child, Rough-weather.

Rezendez, Squirrel. An assassin leased of the Nicky Flescroft otherwise Stephano Delauria so you’re able to kill SPENSER. Rezendez are slain regarding the sample.

Richard, Lawrence Vaughn. Passes Vaughn. Drunken, out of work womanizer. He has not yet viewed their child, Angela Richard, to possess fifteen otherwise 2 decades. Thin air.

Richardson, Clarice. AKA Richie. President away from Harland University. Woman who was simply are blackmailed because of the Goren Pappas (Gary Eisenhower) just who visited law enforcement, inspite of the blackmail. Which lead to a three year jail phrase to possess Pappas. New Top-notch.

Roemer, Leo. Dropped out-of-school after eighth amounts. Biggest user in the “Anglo’s” violence contrary to the Mexican children in the Laramie, Wyoming. Chasing the latest Incur.

Rogers, Brett. Law enforcement chief’s child exactly who motions write and you will cocaine getting Esteva. He is decide to try. Soft Leaders and Princes.

Roth, K.C.. Susan’s buddy. She requires SPENSER to end their stalker and you can will come to the good to your. Hush money.