Things to Consider While Attending Yoga Teacher Training Course Online


Preparing yourself for yoga training is as important as attending the class itself. Like any course, preparation always assists a class in diving deep into learning, and it helps in promoting participation. The more you learn and practice, the better your trainer will be.

So, are you planning for your first yoga teacher training? As per the famous saying, the teacher appears when a student is ready. You might now wonder how to prepare for this life’s best transforming experience. Millions of thoughts will run through your mind, like, are you ready for it? Are you good enough for teaching, or can you be good at yoga?

To prepare yourself best for online yoga teacher training course, you must consider the following things:

  • Make yourself familiar with beginner poses: Even if you are not required to be an experienced yogi to take part in 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, it is often beneficial to make yourself familiar with a pose like a mountain pose, planks, or downward dog pose. Try to be comfortable with those poses before taking part in the training. Maximum classes will warm up by practicing sun salutation, and several poses will be added to that sequence.
  • Try to maintain consistency in practicing: A 200-hour yoga teacher training is most effective for trainees who start practicing before training. While it will vary concerning activities and length, practicing daily must include some mindful movements, breathing exercises, and meditation. If you are an instructor, you might be interested in learning more about how constant mindful practice can assist in cultivating classroom success.
  • Complete course preparation work and familiarize yourself with various course materials: Your yoga teacher training duration might vary, but good training often involves some pre-training work. This is often important and required for getting success in training. Prior to your training, make sure you check your email to go through any instructions from the administrators of the training program. If you have not got any pre-preparation works, make sure you make an inquiry so you will not miss any important notification.
  • Create a support team outside of your yoga teacher training: Although many yoga teacher training graduates connect with each other and get the necessary support from the training, still it’s vital to look for support even before the training starts. Let people know what you are going to do, and ask your family, coworkers, and friends to hold some space for the whole process. Yoga training mainly involves personal transformation. You might require a lifeline at some point, like someone who can remind you about your why and your big vision and encourages you to keep going.
  • Make some time for journaling and self-reflection: Think of why you have boarded the journey and what you are expecting to get. Set up an intention for the whole training and also for yourself. Think of things like
  • How would you like to feel towards the end of the whole process?
  • What are the skills you are hoping to gain?
  • How can you bring your best possible self into the whole course?

You can practice some self-reflection which will prepare you best for the yoga teacher training. Not only that but also it helps in the self-employment of the tools for deeper practicing in the coming days.

  • Try to eliminate all distractions: Take as much work and maximum personal obligations from your plate as possible. You can ask your support team to help you manage anything that comes up while in training. Maintain a routine for who is in charge of various roles when you immerse in your learning. If your personality often looks for control, asking for and accepting assistance does not come naturally. Allow all this to be a part of the whole process.
  • Eat, drink and sleep: Try to eat some healthy whole foods and drink a lot of water weeks before and at the time of your training. Stay away from late-night social obligations and try to bed as early as possible. When you sleep, you allow your body and mind to integrate, heal, and repair. When you set up a healthy sleep schedule days and weeks before your training, you will remain well rested and ready for optimal learning.
  • Pack the required supplies: Do not wait till the morning of your training to grab up your supplies. Take the week to locate and collect the following items and entitle a training bag that fits your course work and necessities, such as:
  • A healthy lunch
  • Energy filled snacks
  • Water and a refillable bottle
  • Yoga mat
  • Recognize the learning style for setting yourself up for success: Some students find that they can focus better when they highlight, draw or use fidget during lectures and discussions. Others might find that they get lost while trying to notate each of the last words and often miss the great message. Knowing about your learning style helps you make the most of the intensive training such as yoga teacher training certification and sets you up for success.
  • Talk with the recent yoga teacher training graduates: Try to find out someone who has recently completed their yoga teacher training and try to contact them. Having someone who can answer your questions during your YTT is precious. They are a high source of support and encouragement while you are in your training. Every program is different, and leading teachers and trainers can go and come. Therefore, speaking to a graduate offers you specified data that will assist you in determining if a program is a perfect fit for you or not.


You are boarding on a new adventure – no matter whether it is a continuation of your existing yoga journey or a completely new experience, you will emerge out of this training with some new knowledge, tools for weaving, and community. Be excited and be proud of yourself. The kind of student you are at the time of your online yoga teacher training course essentially decides the type of teacher you will be. A good yoga teacher first ensures that they are the best yoga students when they are studying yoga.

But do you know teaching yoga and practicing yoga are two different things? Even if they are related, they are not the same. Even if you do your poses well, that does not guarantee that you will become a good teacher. Therefore, it’s essential to consider everything that will help you stand out when you start your training in a good yoga school in Rishikesh.