Three Ways to Generate Revenue From Your iPhone App


Every single iPhone app developer dreams about starting earning big from their game. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to repeat the success of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope! Well, the good news is that it’s more than possible if you create a unique, high quality apps that goes viral (you can hire a reputable iPhone app developer to create a really good game). The question is how to make it earn? Here are three models that you can fiewin apk use to generate revenue from your iPhone game or app development.

Set Your Price

The most obvious way to earn from your iOS app is to charge for it. The App Store has thousands of apps that cost from nothing to $999.99. Surprised? You may not believe it, but there are more than 30 apps on the App Store that cost almost a thousand dollars. However, that’s a bit extreme. Most paid apps cost something between $0.99 and $9.99. So if you are thinking of charging for your app, somewhere within that range should do the trick. Remember to compare your app to the competition and make sure yours is not the most expensive one. When setting the price, keep in mind that Apple takes its cut and you get 70% of the app’s price.

iAd Network

Is your app free to use? No problem, you can still earn from it. A great way to make your app generate revenue is to include ads in it. Just remember to design the game with space for an ad banner. You can then use the iAd Network to place paid ads in your app or game and earn every time a user clicks on the banner. Actually, you can make it work for you in two ways because you can have an ad-supported free version of your app and offer an upgrade to a paid, ad-free version for a modest fee.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases is something else you can have to monetize your iPhone app. This option is a bit more complicated to implement than the first two options, but it has a great revenue-generating potential. The possibilities for in-app purchases are endless: if you are a game developer, you may offer players to purchase additional powers, unlock special features, access new worlds, and so on; if it’s a functional fiewin apk  (like a language learning app), you can offer dictionaries, access to flash cards, audio lessons, and so on. Just make sure that your app developer understands your goal and knows which features to include.