Top 4 business trips with school tour operators


Groups of business administration students go abroad to the heart of other economies, listen to experts and visit the production sites of important economic goods. School travel companies can arrange trips around the world, from the European bases of Frankfurt (in Germany) and Geneva (in Switzerland) to the banking and data centers of the west coast of the Kultureisen in Deutschland United States of America and the fast-growing economic powerhouse of India.


Frankfurt is a thriving commercial hub in the strong economy of Germany and the wider European Union. Business students can take a tour of the European Central Bank’s premises in Frankfurt to find out about the tasks and organization of the European Central Bank, or visit the large factory at Opel to see the use of robots in modern industry. Sports fans will particularly appreciate a behind-the-scenes look at the Commerzbank football stadium to explore the complexities of doing business in the sports sector. Tailor-made trips offer students a wide range of valuable and exciting experiences.


Geneva is the center of banking and business life in Europe, with many international companies having their headquarters in the city – and also known for its wealth. It is Geneva’s role in European history, rather than its local resources (of which there are few) that has made it important that students on business trips have an opportunity to consider history’s role in contemporary business. School travel companies will also arrange visits to major companies in Geneva, providing insight into the famous watchmaking industry and companies such as Evian, Nestle and Gruyeres.

West Coast of the USA

San Francisco began its business history as the banking center of the California Gold Rush. Now it’s home to Silicon Valley and many multinational banks and venture capital firms. Itineraries developed by school tour companies include the Intel Museum, where business students can learn about the world-changing development of the silicon chip. You can then leave the skyscraper-filled cities to see another aspect of the West Coast: its food industry. Following the olive oil from its harvest to the grinding room and bottling process offers a glimpse into the complexities of food companies. Students can also visit the home of the Jelly Belly Bean for a case study from the sweeter food industry!


India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a recorded growth rate of 9%. Anyone who enters the business world Kultureisen in Deutschland cannot ignore its importance in today’s and tomorrow’s markets, which makes a business study trip to India particularly interesting for young business students. School tour operators can organize many opportunities to learn more about doing business in India. Students can listen to local experts from the UK India Business Council; Visit Mahindra World City to understand the role of public-private partnerships in the Indian economy. Examination of the production processes in the multinational plants in Faridabad; and consider the role of tourism in India’s economy at the Taj Mahal or Japiur’s Amber Fort.