Will Online Yoga Videos Replace Yoga DVDs?


Although people have been doing yoga for many (thousands of) years, the techniques of how you learn it have changed. Yoga DVD’s were once very popular, and although they are still as popular as ever, a new form of yoga teaching has emerged. People are now using online yoga videos to learn this amazing relaxation program. Although you may online yoga think this can be very difficult, it is proving to be very popular and more people are logging on to learn the latest moves and techniques.

If you don’t have the time to attend yoga classes full-time, then you may feel that online classes are more convenient for you. Sometimes you may not have a class near to where you live or the times of the classes just do not fit around your busy work schedule. In these cases, you are going to want to practice yoga at home. That basically leaves you with two options. Home yoga DVDs or online yoga instruction. There are both advantages and disadvantages to either option, and you should look at all of these before deciding to sign up for online classes.

Online yoga classes

DVD yoga classes tend to be more rigid. Yes, you may be able to select between a few different sequences in the menu, such as a quick or extended versions, but in the end, what you get on the disc is what you get on the disc. That content is not going to change unless you buy another DVD. And if you outgrow a disc because you’ve advanced beyond its basic level, you are left with a glorified coaster or more trash for our landfills. Not so with online yoga classes. Because of the format, instructors are able to post updates to their websites. Some even offer subscriptions or memberships that allow you to stream or download new content as it is posted. As you progress through the levels you just access the new videos. There is also the possibility to communicate with the instructor, through email, or sometimes through chat. This is one of the key advantages to choosing online yoga videos over DVDs for home study. Not to mention that you can have access instantly. No waiting for a DVD to arrive in the mail.

One of the disadvantages of yoga online is that you need a computer or an internet connected device to view the videos. For a lot of people, that’s going to be a deal breaker. They have their computer set up on a desk in their office or let’s just say its not in the best place to bust out a shoulder-stand. But with the advent of internet connected televisions and portable devices such as the iPad, more and more people now have access in their living rooms and can watch an online yoga video just as easily as they could watch a DVD on the biggest screen in the house.

If you do yoga on a regular basis then you will see the vast improvements to your body and you will experience the feeling of your body being more subtle. All of the stress and strains that you experience on a daily basis can be eliminated and you will feel so much healthier. Many of the websites that you can use are free or charge a minimal fee so they are very appealing to people. They will often have videos as well as instructional pieces to read. These guides will help you to learn the moves that you need to be doing.

Depending on what level of yoga you are up to, will determine what type of classes you will need to be watching. There are several different categories of yoga and you will need to research them to fully understand which ones you will need to be learning. Learning through online methods can be great for your lifestyle and you will be able to fit the classes in whenever it suits you. If you are finding some of the techniques difficult then there is no pressure to rush through them. You can go at your own pace and learn them slowly. You can also select which techniques you want to learn and it isn’t as strict as a DVD class.

Although following the schwangeren yoga online yoga classes are great if you are on vacation and there is no internet connection then you will struggle. That’s going to be one disadvantage. Of course you may very well find yourself without a DVD player too. Another thing to consider is that you may also find that your internet provider is not good enough for you to stream the classes very well. But overall, there are very few problems with getting the online classes, and if you have the technology then you can watch them on your portable device in the park so you can do your yoga in the fresh air.

So will online yoga replace yoga DVDs? It may be coming, but for the time being, both are going to be good options for the home practitioner. There are so many great benefits to having your yoga classes online that it is no surprise that more and more people are choosing this option. Is it right for you? That’s another question only you can answer. Technology is an amazing thing and we should try to embrace it and move with the times, but ultimately it is your choice as to which is the best option for you.