10 Tips From Law Experts on How to Write a Persuasive Law School Essay

Law School Essay

Is it your first-time writing a law school essay, or have you already faced rejection from your dream university? Whatever the case, essay writing is an arduous task that needs practice, time, and motivation.

So, what will you choose; give up or accept the challenge of writing a law essay? Writing an essay is difficult, so you must follow the proper strategy and devise a workable plan to achieve a good score or perhaps be admitted to your dream university.

Do not worry about how to execute the plan. Start ready to implement it because here are ten tips to make your law essay great.

Investigate the topic deeply:

Law essay topics are usually difficult, demanding more updated information and in-depth research. If you are a law graduate, working in law topic would be a piece of cake for you. But have if you are not? The basic tactic to get familiar with the topic is thorough research. The first step in writing a law school essay is to investigate the topic and highlight its key features. Discover what the topic is. Curtail the unnecessary data and fill the content with the important ones. A good understanding of the topic will help you to write a flawless law essay.

Use law-related vocabulary:

Most of the law topics are critical and demand detailed discussion in it. It is more opinion based rather than stating different scenarios. Law-specific vocabulary should be used for a good impression before the committee and to showcase a professional writing style. Here are some examples:

  • Force majeure.
  • Fit and proper.
  • Give, devise, and bequeath.
  • Conclusory.
  • Case book.
  • Plead.
  • Coalition.
  • Obligation.
  • Memorandum.
  • Indigenous.

The list does not end here. You can add innumerable words and phrases related to the law vocabulary to make your law school essay effective. Ensure to avoid unnecessary wordiness and legal jargons that make your sentences incomprehensible.

Use a law case as an example:

Law essays are mostly debatable topics. They need to discuss both aspects of the topic – positive and bad – to give an overview to the reader about the current scenario of it. For writing a strong and authentic essay, you need to use case laws as evidence. For instance, if you are writing an essay on the Palestine-Israel conflict, you must discuss both countries’ perspectives and efforts to curb the war. The use of such law cases will strengthen your essay.

Coherence and fluency in the essay:

The content of a law essay matters, but the most important thing is how you write it. If you are discussing the demerits of transgender rights and, in the next paragraph, start supporting them, it will distract your reader. The reader will doubt your opinion, which raises ambiguity in writing. Make sure you follow a cohesive writing style. Intelligently state the argument and then link it to the next paragraph. Therefore, coherency and fluency are important in the essay to engage the reader.

Paragraphs – a good way to structure your essay:

An essay follows a proper format. It consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Make sure you use paragraphing strategy to make it easy to read and understand.

  • The introduction follows 7-8 lines with the thesis statement in it. Briefly discuss your topic and develop your stance/opinion/ideas in the thesis statement.
  • Then, here comes the body, which can be extendable up to three or four paragraphs. You will discuss the main points of the topic.
  • The conclusion comes as the last paragraph, where you will succinctly summarise the topic.

Make your essay readable by breaking the sentences. Avoid using too much passive voice and focus on writing clear and readable sentences.

Critical and logical arguments:

An essay without arguments is frivolous and baseless. It does matter if it is a law topic or a science one. Formulating critical arguments in the law school essay is important. Firstly, it depicts opinions relating to the topic. Secondly, it shows good research skills of the writer. The more logical questions and arguments you add in the essay, the more intriguing the reader will follow the text. A law school essay tailored with claims and arguments will attract more attention.

Consider taking help from real law experts:

If it is the first time you write your essay, you cannot make it flawless. In any case, a beginner or advanced writer must struggle and go through several stages of writing to make the document perfect. A quick essay solution to rely on an expert for law essay help. Writing firms such as Affordable Dissertation UK are available that have specialist writers and provide affordable law essay writing services. So, seek assistance if you still cannot clear your confusion about writing a great law school essay.

Decode the mysteries of the topic:

Essay topics are not simple. Instructors twist the topics and make them sophisticated for the students so that they put more effort into writing the essay. Questions or mysteries may be associated with the topic. If you encounter such topics, you need to discuss each aspect of the topic. If it is not required, it is also encouraged to decipher the questions and puzzles of the topic. It makes your communication easier with the audience.

Relevant reference:

References are a must in any academic document. When you search for a topic, it is better to take notes while reading. Create a list of references, which could be a primary or secondary source, to add to the essay. It makes the essay authentic. You can use law cases, interviews, questionnaires, and research articles for references.

Activate proofread cycle:

Everyone commits mistakes, so you can too. The first draft of the essay is not perfect at all. You must invest your time in making it perfect through proofreading and editing. Iteration of the sentences and ideas will make your reader bored and uninterested. Ensure the proofreading of the document and rectify any loopholes and mistakes in it. Correct the spelling mistakes, remove strong vocabulary, omit grammatical errors, and break the sentences to improve readability.


Essays are mandatory to get admission to law school or to secure a scholarship. An effective and first-class law school essay will strengthen your application and help you beat other qualified candidates. Any mistakes in it will cost you rejection. So, follow the tips mentioned above and make your essay as remarkable as ever.

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