Best foldable camera drone deal slashes popular $80 model to $42-x31 shockwave drone.

x-pack 18 drone
x-pack 18 drone

Best foldable camera drone deal slashes popular $80 model to $42

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Remember how insanely popular quadcopter drones were when the first few models were released all those years ago? Then, as is the case with so many trendy products, demand really died down. After a while, it seemed like people were pretty much droned out. Even the best foldable camera drone out there couldn’t tempt people for a period of time a few years ago x31 shockwave drone.

Well, everyone apparently remembered how awesome drones are at the same time.

Today’s Top Deals

Thousands upon thousands of our readers have ordered new x31 shockwave drone  from Amazon over the past month. And now, there’s an awesome top-rated model you need to check out.

It’s the best foldable camera drone deal on Amazon, slashing a popular model to just $45.59!

x31 shockwave drone deals

We’ve been covering so many awesome drone deals we’ve dug up lately. Congrats if you’ve taken advantage of any of them. If you’re still on the lookout for good ones, however, hen you need to check out two killer deals right now on Amazon.

The first one slashes the super-popular AVIALOGIC Q10 Mini Foldable Camera Drone to $42.07 for Prime subscribers. Then, if you want an upgrade, the second deal drops the Drocon Ninja foldable 1080p camera drone to $49.49 with x-pack 18 drone .

Of note, the second deal for the Drocon Ninja drone doesn’t require a Prime membership. With the first deal for the Q10 quadcopter, you’ll only pay $7.42 more than Prime subscribers. That means it’s still a fantastic deal!

Best Foldable Camera Drone deal on Amazon

With an MSRP of just $80, the AVIALOGIC Q10 drone truly is a terrific bargain any day of the week. It offers all the key features you might want with x-pack 18 drone .

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Examples include a compact foldable design, a crystal-clear 720p camera that streams like to your smartphone, impressive flight time, rolling and flipping tricks, and even an altitude-hold mode that keeps the drone hovering in place without any user intervention.

It’s true that this hot new drone is a solid deal at its full retail price. But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that much right now. Head over to Amazon and you’ll find a double discount that slashes your cost to just $42.07 with x-pack 18 drone .

Or, there’s another great option if you want an upgrade. The Drocon Ninja has similar specs, but it’s got a better 1080p camera and a few more extras. If that’s your choice, you’ll save almost as much money because the Ninja also has a deep discount!

Drones like these often sell for $100 or even more, so you’re definitely getting a fantastic deal with either model.

AVIALOGIC Q10 drone fast facts

Below, you’ll find some key takeaways you should keep in mind when considering these popular drones. This is probably the best foldable camera drone deal on Amazon right now, after all.

  • The  720p or 1080p wide-angle camera captures sharp high-resolution photos and videos
  • A 120° wide-angle lens has the perfect field of view
  • Optional real-time FPV video transmission lets you stream live video to your smartphone as you soar through the skies
  • Features include altitude hold, headless mode, one-key return, trajectory flight, and so much more
  • Also includes advanced features like 3D flips, gravity control, and three different speed modes
  • Foldable design makes it compact and easy to transport
  • Includes a remote controller, or fly with your smartphone

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